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CPI endeavors to create environmentally sustainable, globally compliant,
palletized packaging solutions that improve the world’s supply chains.

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Euro Pallet

Euro Pallets

The Euro pallet is protected by trademark established by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and bear the EPAL or EUR mark.

We offer both new and recycled EUR Pallets.

Euro Pallet Collars

Collars and Lids

Euro pallet collars are collapsible, wooden frames that affix easily onto Euro pallets.

We offer both new and used pallet collars for use with export and domestic pallets.

CP1 Pallet

Chemical Pallets

Chemical pallets are used in many industries and will carry the CP mark and number designating their size and purpose.

We offer multiple sizes of recycled CP pallets.

Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets can come in single use or reusable form, and can be rackable, stackable, or nestable.

We offer plastic pallets in many sizes and styles, including the EUR and CP pallet sizes.

Domestic Pallet

Domestic Pallets

Common Domestic pallets are the GMA (48 x 40), Can pallets (56 x 44), and Glass pallets (44 x 56). Can and Glass pallets can also be used with a pallet frame.

We offer a limited supply of these pallets.

463L Pallet

463L Military Pallets and Nets

The 463L Pallet (HCU-6/E) is designed for air cargo and serves as the primary pallet for the USAF. The 463L pallet system consists of the pallet, nets, and tie downs.

We offer the HCU-6/E pallet and accessories.

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Heat Treatment

We supply export pallets requiring the ISPM marking (HT).

EUR Quality Standards

Recycled EUR pallets come in multiple grades and conditions.

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