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Euro Pallet Collars

Euro pallet collars are a clever European innovation designed with reusability and practicality in mind. Euro pallet collars are collapsible, wooden frames that affix easily to standard 800 x 1200 mm euro pallets.

Beginning with the first collar seated neatly around the edges of a 48 x 32 euro pallet, each pallet collar or “pallet frame” is stacked vertically upon one another to build a box using corner hinges that lock in place with removable pins. Users simply nail a wooden top on to the top pallet collar to create a durable, reusable box!

Euro Pallet CollarIn addition, our pallet collars are ISPM 15 compliant and meet export guidelines. Best of all, each pallet collar collapses into a flat configuration, greatly minimizing the amount of space needed for storage when not in use.

Pallet collars can also be used to build temporary bins for storing all kinds of products including fruits and other agricultural items. Orchard and garden owners in particular will appreciate our sturdy collars configured as wooden bins for their reusability and minimal storage space requirements!

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These commodities, technology or software are subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

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