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European Importers Can Now Receive Goods from North America on euro pallets!

Ask Your North American Suppliers to Send YOUR Goods on Euro Pallets and / or other European Pallet Types!

For decades, North American exporters have cost European importers countless millions of Marks/Francs/Guilders/Euros/Etc. by shipping their goods on American pallet and dunnage types that cannot be reused in the European supply chain.

Often European importers and their Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) are forced at the port of entry to transload or re-palletize goods from American types on to euro pallets or other European pallet types.
Does this problem sound familiar to you?

Our company has over 20 years experience working with export pallets for Europe such as euro pallets, chemical pallets, plastic euro pallets, and heat treated ( HT ) pallets of all sizes. We are experts on the International Plant Protection Convention and the ISPM 15 rule. We also offer a number of European sizes of plastic pallets for companies discontinuing their use of solid wood packaging.

Contact us directly to find out how we can support your North American suppliers with packaging that is right for the Europe Union. If you require a quotation, contact us directly.

We look forward to improving your supply chain!

-The Compliance Team at CPI Ltd.

Request Free Euro Pallet Information!

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