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Euro Pallet Advantages
by Ron Wood

Increasingly European companies are demanding that North American exporters send their goods on the euro pallet type.

Why is the euro pallet type so important to businesses in the European Union? This article addresses the six most important benefits of europallets and provides a good overview for companies trying to understand the euro pallet standard.

Europallets have a commercial value in Europe. When a European import company is finished with their euro pallets, they can receive a deposit for them from their local pallet company.

The euro pallet is highly functional within European supply chains. European warehousing and logistics companies have automated material handling systems that often accept only genuine, officially inspected and repaired euro pallets. Companies with these systems incur significant costs and delays when they must transfer products from an American pallet type on to the euro pallet type. Shipments of high-value and/or hazardous goods such as chemicals, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals are often processed at such advanced facilities in Europe using the europallet.

Moreover, American stringer pallets often cause costly disposal fees for European importers because of European Union's Packaging Waste Reduction Laws, which levy expensive disposal taxes on pallets that cannot be reused. Euro pallets are exchangeable and built to be repaired, and therefore are not subject to these taxes until they reach the end of their lifecycle.

The euro pallet type is subject to high quality control standards. The European Pallet Association, founded in the early 1990s is responsible for making sure euro pallet manufacturers worldwide adhere to the same quality control measures to ensure the long term safe reuse of the pallet type.

The euro pallet is also one of only six types in the entire world recognized by the highly respected International Organization for Standardization, making it truly a global platform.

Finally, genuine Euro pallets can be traced by their markings, giving users a quick way to identify the manufacturer which thereby improves quality in the marketplace. Customs officials and other authorities in the European Union often aggressively prosecute companies that attempt to build or use fake euro pallets.

Should you want additional detailed facts about europallets, download a free presentation about the euro pallet type. Or, you are welcome to contact author Ron Wood to find out additional information about euro pallets.

These commodities, technology or software are subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

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