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Advantages of New Chemical Pallets and Used Chemical Pallets
by Ron Wood

Chemical pallets are offered nationwide by Compliance Packaging International Ltd. CPI sells used chemical pallets and is a manufacturer of new chemical pallets under its license CP-984.

The chemical pallet type was originally developed for use by the European Chemical and Plastics Industries to harmonize industry standards.

Over time a number of other industries began moving goods on chemical pallets and recognized the value of having harmonized sizes and standards. In Europe, chemical pallets are exchangeable and possess a deposit value when returned to a pallet company.

Some users refer to chemical pallets as CPs or CP Pallets. Chemical pallets come in nine different design types and sizes.

The most common chemical pallets used by North American industry, listed in order of most common to least common are the CP3, CP1, CP2, CP6, CP9, and CP8.

Companies choose to use different chemical pallets based first upon their packaging types including supersacks, steel drums, bags or boxes. Chemical companies and others must also consider their handling requirements to decide upon which chemical pallet to use. For example, will the pallets be floor stacked or racked?

Chemical Pallet 1 and Chemical Pallet 6 are pallets primarily used with sacks and boxes.

Chemical Pallet 2 was designed to replace the euro pallet. This pallet is sometimes used in North America in place of the euro pallet.

Chemical Pallet 3 and Chemical Pallet 9 are primarily used for drums and supersacks.

Chemical Pallet 8 is used solely for supersacks.

Do you need to learn more about chemical pallets? Check out our website to view drawings and specs of chemical pallets. You're also welcome to contact author Ron Wood to request more information on CP Pallets.

These commodities, technology or software are subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

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