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Who Are We?

Euro PalletCompliance Packaging International Ltd has over 20 years experience working with export pallets such as euro pallets, chemical pallets, plastic euro pallets, and heat treated ( HT ) pallets of all sizes.

We are experts on the International Plant Protection Convention and the ISPM 15 rule. We also offer plastic pallets for companies discontinuing their use of solid wood packaging.

Why do the world’s largest corporations trust us?

Our mission is to create environmentally sustainable, globally compliant packaging solutions that improve the world’s supply chains.

We provide pallets and packaging to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, computer, automotive, and medical equipment industries and improve supply chain efficiencies by creating standardized pallet platforms, pallet pools and reverse distribution solutions.

How are we different from other pallet and packaging companies?

We are the only company in North America that has a license to:

  • inspect, repair (if necessary) and certify genuine used euro pallets

  • -AND-

  • manufacture chemical pallets (there are nine types CP-1 through CP-9)

Do you need help?

Plastic PalletPlease explore our website to learn more about euro pallets, export pallets and plastic pallets. Whether you are looking for plastic euro pallets, rackable plastic pallets, nestable plastic pallets, a CP-9 chemical pallet, or other pallet types, we can assist you.

The world is getting smaller and more complex. Let us help you with your pallet questions. If you require a quotation, contact us directly. We look forward to serving you!

- The Compliance Packaging Team at CPI Ltd.

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Genuine Euro Pallet

Genuine Euro Pallet

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Chemical Pallets

Genuine Chemical Pallets

Plastic Euro Pallets

Plastic Euro Pallets

Euro Pallet Collars

Euro Pallet Collars